Terrific name puzzle

single name to puzzle44

We bought this puzzle for our granddaughter’s first birthday and what a hit with her as well as her parents.

We ordered this puzzle for our almost 3 year old daughter so she can practice learning her name and get familiar with the letters in her name when she’s older.

Our daughter likes taking the puzzle pieces out and banging them together and I’m sure it will serve its purpose when she gets older to help her know the letters in her name in a fun, engaging way. Terrific name puzzle.

After that I bought two more of these – one for a friend’s son and one for my daughter. They arrived quickly and in time.

It’s a great size and looks wonderful. My friend loved it but I haven’t heard back if her son has played with it yet.

The name puzzle arrived at our door faster than expected and the puzzle itself looks very nice. The colors are beautiful and the wood is of superior quality.
I will order from this company again!

Terrific puzzle

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