Unique Gift Ideas



Single Name Puzzle Personalized wooden name puzzles


We’re living in a time when creativity and original ideas flourish.

The material world surrounding us, the fact that we are consumers, has slightly reversed our notions of valuable gifts, gifts that are heartily given.

We are often surrounded by people who dream of very expensive and luxurious clothes, cars, jewelry. There are a few people who truly enjoy the unique and unusual things, gifts that Name 2 Puzzle offer.

Our gifts are entirely made from the heart. Each gift is made with lots of love, hand-made and uniquely designed for you or people close to you, relative, friend, child, etc.

If you want to pleasantly surprise your loved ones for New Year, Christmas or any other occasion, we provide you with this exact opportunity.

If you don’t believe us, visit our official website and you will be really impressed with the products we offer.

The hand-made gifts may comprise first letters of you and your loved one, they may comprise your company name, the company you want to thank, your favorite doctor who takes tremendous care of your health, people you want to say “Thank you”.

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