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Handmade bracelets

Ideal gift choice for couples anniversary, valentine’s day, boyfriend and girlfriend’s birthday, Bridesmaid jewelry, friendship Graduation Gift & other important days. Item description : * These bracelets are adjustable with a slip knot to fit most wrist sizes. With the males bracelet slightly longer at the smallest point than the females. * They are more…

personalized pencil holder 01

Perfect desk accessories

If your boss has a birthday coming up and you do not know what to give him then take a look at those pen holders. They are a great business gift because they are personalized. Give this present to your boss and he will keep him pencils there forever and will treasure the gift. Source: http://pen-holders.eu/image-pages/personalized%20pencil%20holder%2001.htm


Single name puzzles

Surprise the one you love with the wooden single name puzzle. They will love their present because it is personalized. Have their name handmade from pine wood. The puzzles are finished with olive oil which makes them a perfect decoration for every home. See more here: http://personalised-unique-gifts.com/name-puzzles-with-a-personal-touch/


Personalized gifts for kids

It’s never too early to teach kids how to save! The personalized piggy banks are unique gifts for kids, so you can be sure they won’t be getting this twice. Forget about buying a battery operated toy or something they don’t need, and consider a thoughtful gift like our personalized gifts for kids. Source: http://site.advantagebridal.com/blog/personalized-gifts-for-kids/


Name2puzzle – always amazing gifts

These wooden name puzzles serve as a great idea for a gift. You can have your name or the name of your loved ones carved from a single solid pine wood. They are amazing because they are unique. They are made only by order because they vary in style and design. See more here: http://name-2-puzzle.us/3d-puzzles/personalized-wooden-name-puzzle/

Personalized puzzle

Amazing wooden gift puzzles

These amazing wooden gift puzzles are a perfect idea for a present. They will surprise everyone. They are perfect for little ones and for adults. They are an amazing gift for every occasion. They also add a personalized touch and are a great decoration for every home. Find out more here: http://www.name-2-puzzle.com/gallery/anniversary-gift-puzzles.html

desk pencil holder

Wooden pen holders

The pen holders are unique in their own way. They are wooden and polished. They are different in style and design and every piece is beautiful in its own way. They are perfect for every occasion. You can surprise everyone because they are perfect for every sex and every age. See more here: http://pen-holders.eu/image-pages/desk%20pencil%20holder%2001.htm