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Single name puzzles

Surprise the one you love with the wooden single name puzzle. They will love their present because it is personalized. Have their name handmade from pine wood. The puzzles are finished with olive oil which makes them a perfect decoration for every home. See more here: http://personalised-unique-gifts.com/name-puzzles-with-a-personal-touch/

Company name puzzles

Company name puzzles

The wooden company gifts are amazing for a business gift. Surprise your colleagues or even your boss with these amazing gifts. Have your company’s name carved out from pine wood. They are an amazing decoration because they are polished. They are perfect for every shelf and every desk. See more here: https://www.facebook.com/name.2.puzzle/photos/pb.417878388289000.-2207520000.1432045485./829102183833283/?type=3&theater


Name2puzzle – always amazing gifts

These wooden name puzzles serve as a great idea for a gift. You can have your name or the name of your loved ones carved from a single solid pine wood. They are amazing because they are unique. They are made only by order because they vary in style and design. See more here: http://name-2-puzzle.us/3d-puzzles/personalized-wooden-name-puzzle/

Family name puzzles

Family name puzzles with personalized touch

If you want to truly surprise your family you should choose a personalized gift. The wooden name puzzles are handmade from wood and are with a great personalized touch. You can have your family name carved from a pine tree and then polished. It is the perfect gift and it will suit every home. You…


Company name puzzles

The company name puzzles are amazing for every company party or their anniversary. You can pair up with your colleagues and surprise your boss with this company name puzzle. Put your company’s name or logo and see how it looks when it is handmade from a solid pine wood. See more here: http://www.name-2-puzzle.com/gallery/company-name-puzzles.html


Amazing idea for a gift – one name puzzle

This one name puzzle is made specially for you and for your loved ones. The company which makes the puzzles and many more things makes them by hand with a special design to surprise you and then you will surprise your loved ones. Everything is made with an attention to detail. It is made entirely…