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Two name puzzles

Give a two name puzzle gift to a friend. This is the perfect item to symbolize your friendship. You can have your name and his/her name joined by a wooden heart for example. The puzzle is handmade from pine wood and it is polished with olive oil to look amazing in every home. Source:

Company name puzzle gifts

Company name puzzle gifts

Give something nice to your fellow colleagues. They will be amazed when they see the name of the company handmade from pine wood. This gift is perfect for every occasion of the company. The gift is also perfect for your boss and he/she will love to have it on his/her desk. Source:


Wooden gift ideas

The wooden gifts are very popular nowadays and the company “Name2puzzle” offers you and your loved ones only original wooden gifts. The gifts are specially handmade from pine wood and are polished with olive oil in the end. Find a suitable gift for your friends and family. Check out the name puzzles, the initials puzzles…


Wooden puzzles

The wooden name puzzles are a great hit gifts. They are great because of their personalized message. You can have a whole sentence handmade from pine wood. Surprise the people you love or surprise yourself with this amazing wooden puzzle. It is nicely polished to look amazing. Source:


Amazing puzzles for you and your friends

Surprise your friend by making your name and his or her name out from pine wood. The puzzles are handmade by a solid piece of pine wood. They are amazing because are perfect for everyone and for every occasion. They are also perfect for every room. Source site:

Company name puzzles

Company name puzzles

The wooden company gifts are amazing for a business gift. Surprise your colleagues or even your boss with these amazing gifts. Have your company’s name carved out from pine wood. They are an amazing decoration because they are polished. They are perfect for every shelf and every desk. See more here: