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Business gifts from pine wood

This puzzle gift is a nice way to celebrate your company’s anniversary. Have your company name handmade from pine wood and display it in the office. The gift is wooden and it is the perfect accessory for every desk at the firm. This puzzle is perfect for every occasion and for everyone you respect. Source:…

Single name puzzles

One name puzzles

Everyone feels amazing when they receive a personalized gift. This is a gift which will be cherished forever. Put a smile on your loved ones’ face and see their reaction when they see their name handmade from pine wood. The gift is perfect for every occasion and for every age and gender. Source:

Company puzzles

Company name puzzles

Surprise your colleagues at the office with the company name puzzle. The puzzle is personalized and it is the best gift. Have your company name handmade from pine wood and it will be displayed in your office. The gift is polished and it will look great in the office. Source:

Initials puzzles

Initials puzzles from wood

Give this personalized gift to someone you love and make his/her day even more special. This gift is the perfect one because it is great for every occasion – birthdays, weddings, etc. The puzzle is wooden and it is handmade and polished by hand. Source:


Name2puzzle gifts from pine wood

The wooden gifts are very modern today and you won’t be sorry if you surprise your friends and family with one of the following wooden gifts. You can find name puzzles, pen holders and initials puzzles. The gifts are from pine wood and are polished to shine in every home. Source: