ARCHIVES  July 2015

Wooden puzzles

Birthday gifts from wood

Make a special gift to someone special and make his/her special day even more special. The gift is perfect because it is personalized. You can have a romantic or a funny message, it is up to you. The gifts are handmade only by order because they are unique for every customer. Source:

Business gifts

Business gifts

Team up with your colleagues and surprise your boss with this personalized gift. The name of your company will be handmade from pine wood and will be polished to look perfect in the boss’s office. The gift is handmade only by order because it is personalized. Source:

pen holder wooden 03

Desk pen holders

Everyone at the office will love this amazing gift. The pen and pencil holders are the perfect gift for every occasion. The pen holder itself is handmade from pine wood and it is sanded and polished again by hand. This gift will look amazing on every desk at the office. Source:

Two-name-puzzles 2

Two name puzzles

Give a two name puzzle gift to a friend. This is the perfect item to symbolize your friendship. You can have your name and his/her name joined by a wooden heart for example. The puzzle is handmade from pine wood and it is polished with olive oil to look amazing in every home. Source:

One name puzzles

Single name puzzles from pine wood

Surprise a friend or someone from your family who has a special occasion coming up. Check out this amazing gift puzzle which is personalized with the name of the people you wish to surprise. This gift is amazingly done by hand from pine wood. The attention to detail is amazing. The gift is polished with…


Personalized gifts

This is the most amazing gift you can give to your dad. It is personalized and it is handmade. Check out more information in the source site below. Source: