ARCHIVES  June 2015


Jewellery boxes

These beautiful jewellery boxes are an amazing gift for the Mother of the Bride & Groom, your Bridesmaids, or even your flower girls! Customise with a photograph, name & special message! Source:

wooden presents

Name2puzzle wooden gifts

If you want great gifts which have high quality then look at these presents. They are different in style and shape. You can choose between initials puzzles, name puzzles, pen and pencil holders and other. These wooden gifts are the best for every occasion and for every one of your family or friends and even…


Great bracelets

Couples Bracelet-Lovers, Boyfriend & Girlfriend Bracelet,Initials Bracelet,Anniversary Gifts, Bridesmaid Bracelet. You can find out more about thm below in the source site. Source:


A great gift

This is a sterling silver band, with a hammered finish. It is 3mm wide, and the band is 1.5mm thick. It is polished slightly, to bring out the hammered angles. Source:

Wedding initials puzzles

Wedding initials puzzles

The wedding initials puzzles are the best gift for every wedding. Surprise the bride and groom and give them their initials which will be carved from pine wood and polished. They will look amazing in the newlyweds’ home. Everyone at the wedding will simply love them because they are personalized and handmade. Source: