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Wedding initials puzzles

Wedding initials puzzles

The bride and groom will be thrilled when they see their specially carved wooden initials. Their day will be even more special with your personalized gift puzzle. This gift is special because it is personalized. It is also handmade from pine wood and it is polished with olive oil. The puzzles are made only by…


Wooden puzzles

The wooden name puzzles are a great hit gifts. They are great because of their personalized message. You can have a whole sentence handmade from pine wood. Surprise the people you love or surprise yourself with this amazing wooden puzzle. It is nicely polished to look amazing. Source:


Groom gifts

You can’t go wrong with a flask no matter who it’s for. The above picture may be wedding related, but you can just as easily get it customized for any other occasion. Source:


Two name puzzles

You can either have your first name and your last name handmade from pine wood or you can surprise a friend and have your two names carved by hand. The two name puzzles are an amazing gift because they are personalized. They are made only by order because of their uniqueness. Source:

Initials puzzles

Initials puzzles

Give a nice gift to someone you love. If your friends and family have a special day coming up then you should give them a nice personalized gift. The initials puzzles are the perfect choice because they are personalized and wooden and contain the initials of the people you wish to surprise. Source:

Wedding pen holders

Wedding pen holders

Every bride and groom will be happy to see their initials carved from pine wood. It is really an amazing gift because it is personalized. Everyone will love your special gift. The pen and pencil holder is specially polished with olive oil and goes with the furniture of every home. Source:


Monogrammed baby gifts

These are tiny enough to look adorable, but sized so that once they start to walk, they’ll be able to use them if desired (or just keep them as a keepsake). See more at:

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